Pay for Content and Twitch

August 14th, 2015

Recently I’ve had to switch over to Twitch from YouTube due to several of my videos being taken down thanks to YT’s automated take down services. It’s rather absurd that they automate everything, even down to the challenging the take down orders instead of having a team of individuals that are paid to analyze each and every case. Yes, it would be a lot of work but in all fairness it’s what the community currently needs until we find a happy balance between creators and entertainers/streamers like myself. A friend suggested that I buy twitch followers to help increase exposure to my new channel.

I both like this idea and dislike the idea. In the Terms of Service there is very little that specifies that in doing so I would be breaking the Terms of Service agreement but it’s also a gray area that I have found other services not looking kindly upon. I don’t have anything against other people doing it themselves and it’s even an admittedly clever way to help a beginner out in gaining followers; it’s pure psychology. Viewers are more likely to subscribe if they see that other people are subscribed already, helping them confirm that there is some inherent value in them doing so.

It’s silly that it’s such a psychological facet of marketing but there it is. For myself, I think I would like to see what I can do with starting from scratch all over again. I was able to do so with YT and I was pretty successful. It’s not going to be easy but when is anything ever as easy as we want it to be? It might take me longer which might be a very foolish fact for me to accept but hey, I was never a fan of pay-for-gaming!


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