The Real Struggles As an Artist

November 16th, 2015

With so much music now available on the web it has become more and more important to be able to protect every track that a musician creates. I know about this first hand as I had the unfortunate experience of a company taking some of my music right from my Soundcloud account in order to use it for some kind of advertising campaign on Twitter. It was awful! It took me forever to get my royalties from them and soon after I quickly found the top music licensing companies on the web and signed up with a company that I felt would help protect me from those that would prey on an independent artist like myself.

It might cost me a fair amount of money every year but as long as I continue earning an income from my music I really have no other choice but to protect myself. It’s absolutely outrageous to think that a modern American company can try and take advantage of an independent artist just because he’s not ‘protected’ by a big name record company. Do they honestly believe that we’re not constantly scouring the web looking for those that would attempt to steal our music for their own gain? Is it truly so hard to pay those that passionately work for the music to give back to them?

I guess I’ll never quite understand the mindset that it takes to steal from an artist. We already struggle enough as it is to find a measure of success with our music and when we finally do it’s threatened by thieves. That’s why it’s so important to be able to license your music and ensure that it’s always going to be protected. Find a company that cares about you as an artist and understands the struggles that you go through.


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