We Should Have Hired an Exterminator to Inspect Our House Before We Bought It

June 22nd, 2016

First it was ants. Then it was mice. Then we had these big spiders. It was one thing after another. When I started seeing those silvery bugs in the kitchen sink in the morning, I went to a site that gave me information about getting rid of pest problems. The prior owner of the home must have hired an exterminator and cleaners to rid the house of any signs of bugs and pests before we bought the place. We did not think to include a professional exterminator in the house inspection before we bought it. We should have. Our inspector only looked for termite damage and stuff like that. Plus, a lot of critters are seasonal. We did not have the ant problem until the spring, and we did not get the mice until the next fall.

We hired a professional extermination company to come out and rid our home of all the pests. I wanted a company that would keep the safety of us, our children and our pets in mind when clearing our house. It has been many months, and we no longer have any signs of the pests. We had our whole house cleaned from top to bottom to help prevent any infections that rodent pests can bring. They can squeeze into tiny spaces and contaminate everything they touch. We had a beloved dog who we think contracted kidney disease from a bacteria that mice can spread.

The pest control expert found some issues with our foundation that needed fixed to keep out the majority of the pests we were getting. We had a contractor go all out in sealing up the access points the critters were using as a highway into and out of our home. That was a real help in preventing infestation too. If you are buying a house, make sure you have a pest control expert do an inspection along with your regular house inspector.


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