Spent All Day Looking for an Important File

July 23rd, 2016

It is a really good thing that I had this file backed up, because my computer crashed while I was playing a game and the file got corrupted for some reason. Of course I had been working on this term paper for a couple of months and I had been backing it up on a metal USB flash drive. So it was not that big of a deal, or at least that was what I thought at first. Instead it turned into a rather long and tedious ordeal, because I really could not figure out what had happened to the flash drive. I spent all day working on trying to find it. In fact I cleaned up my room and searched every square inch of the place. It is as tidy as it has ever been right now, but at the end of that I was still not able to figure out what had happened.

Then I began to search the rest of the apartment and I questioned the guy that I share the place with. At first he did not remember, but at last he went in his room and got it back. He had stuck it in his xbox 360 to use to create new save files. Apparently he had needed it to play Skyrim or something, because all of his internal storage was used up on games. I was really not happy with him, but that is not anything new. The guy is really socially awkward and has a great talent for being annoying. I always remind myself that he is never late with his share of the rent though. Of course that is something that can really be devastating when you are a broke college student. In particular it is my name on the lease at this place.


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