Modern Avionics Make Flight Much Easier and Safer

August 14th, 2016

I got my pilot’s license years ago. Then I got certified to fly by instruments. That was when I got interested in owning an aircraft with modern ADS-B, sometimes noted as ADSB, equipment. Avionics is an incredible field of technology. I can fly in zero visibility and still know where I am at. With high-end instrumentation, planes can pretty much fly themselves. Now being an old-school kind of pilot who also learned a bit about bush flying in the Arctic, I like to fly by the seat of my pants. However, I also enjoy having backup avionics that will help me when things get really rough. Plus, it is nice to be able to fly in bad weather and at night without undue risks.

My son has a UAV. Most people call it a drone. Anyway, it is kind of a toy but a lot more too. It can fly back to its takeoff point using built in GPS tracking. This is what the ADSB avionics do. They use GPS signals to keep track of things during manned flights too. I have always been interested in flying. I remember putting together a small kit plane that was even one step below an RC flyer. It had a fuel-burning engine, but you flew it in circles on a string. You had to have a long string to make wide arcs, otherwise you got dizzy in a short period of time. It actually had two strings between you and the fuselage. You pulled the top string to ascend, and you pulled the bottom one to descend. I have come a long way in flight since then.

Back then I only imagined toy aircraft that could be automated and even send remote video signals during flight. Now my son owns one. However, my wife and I ordered a new plane that is quite a step above in avionics from that toy drone.


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