Pricing for Foam Flor Underlayment

September 11th, 2016

I am taking on the biggest DYI project of my life, and I hope that I will be able to do a good job. I am going to be installing hardwood floors in a large section of my house, and it is something that I do not have much experience with. But I have been gathering information and watching shows on it for a couple months now. I think that I have learned enough to give it a try, and I currently need to buy foam underlayment to use to place underneath the wood that I am going to put down the floors.

The foam is going to serve a few purposes, and namely it is going to serve as a bit of padding to protect the wood of the hardwood floors somewhat. Additionally, it should also dampen sound waves that travel through it to some extent, and it will therefore help to keep the amount of sound that is generated to a minimum when people are walking on the floors. That is important because the floors are going to be upstairs in my house, and there will be bedrooms directly beneath them. So without some way to make the floors less noisey, it would not be a very good idea to put them on the second floor of the house. I think it will work out well this way, I just need to find a place to buy the underlayment I need for a good price.

I am trying to get the best prices on all of the supplies that I need for the flooring. Of course, I am going to be spending a little bit more on the actual flooring material though, because I did not want to buy a cheap type of wood for the floor. But rather, I wanted to buy something a bit nicer.


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