Change Your Cars Performance Settings Yourself

October 17th, 2016

I do a lot of work on my own cars. It has been getting harder and harder to do that since the early 1980s. We have had emission standards develop since then, and pretty much everything is controlled by software and servos. One of our cars even has the technology to parallel park itself. I am not a mechanic by profession, but I have been working on cars since I was a kid. I bought an OBD II scanner to be able to check all of the on-board diagnostics and control the electronic control units in the cars. I especially like to use it on my modern muscle car to tweak performance.

Before, you had to go out and buy the chipsets you wanted to increase performance. Continue reading »


Looking for a New Smartphone

October 17th, 2016

I have decided that I am going to get a new phone for Christmas, but of course that is not so simple of a task. Everyone says that they have the best phone and obviously there are a lot of choices that I could make. Of course I would have seriously considered the Samsung Tab 7, but obviously I can not choose that any longer and it sets on fire spontaneously for reasons that they can not explain. So the best option might be unlocking factory iphone, but I really think that they are overpriced by a significant margin. I really think that their phones are quite good, but that they are not worth twice as much as other phones that work nearly as well. Continue reading »


An Espresso Machine for the Women’s Ministry

October 14th, 2016

The women’s ministry at our church really goes all out to help people in our community. We meet once a week so we can do this. Three of the nights we meet every month are part of whatever outreach we are doing at that particular moment in time. The other night is used for us. We meet at the church and plan for our next month’s worth of activities. One of the things brought up last month was the need for a Capresso espresso machine. This might seem silly, but we were spending a small fortune before these meetings by buying espressos at the local shops.

While we do want to support local businesses, it was getting quite expensive to do this. Continue reading »


Getting Internet Fame Now Makes People Wonder Who Will Marry Elsy

October 12th, 2016

The slang for “Elsy” is a girl who seems nice and even shy when you first meet, then she is like a wild animal after you get to know her. Of course, that does not describe the Elsy I am talking about. It is interesting how these terms come to be and how they spread on the Internet. The girl I know of named Elsy seems to be a regular girl who is enjoying a bit of Internet fame. She is now on the radar of more fans who are now wondering who will marry Elsy. Male and female fans both want to know what type of man she will pick and who he is.

I think it is amazing how the Internet has allowed people to reach star status that is equal or even exceeds the star status of some of the Hollywood elite. Continue reading »


Getting Set Up for Business

October 2nd, 2016

It is going to be an easy thing for me to do, but I have started to work out the details for figuring out the way to pay a staff for the business. It is sort of an impromptu deal at the moment, because I am not going to be paying people in a traditional way or working in a traditional way. In fact most of the people will not be full time employees for me. A pay stub maker is supposed to help me with one of the issues, but that is not really all that important to me. In fact I am not going to issue traditional pay checks, there is not any need for it and there is no purpose in going through the trouble of it. Continue reading »

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