Getting Set Up for Business

October 2nd, 2016

It is going to be an easy thing for me to do, but I have started to work out the details for figuring out the way to pay a staff for the business. It is sort of an impromptu deal at the moment, because I am not going to be paying people in a traditional way or working in a traditional way. In fact most of the people will not be full time employees for me. A pay stub maker is supposed to help me with one of the issues, but that is not really all that important to me. In fact I am not going to issue traditional pay checks, there is not any need for it and there is no purpose in going through the trouble of it. Instead we shall just make direct deposits every week or every two weeks. I have not really decided what the pay duration will be, although it seems like the best thing would be every two weeks. At any rate we are starting to get ready for the open of business, in about three months.

At the start I am going to be the only full time employee. In fact no one else ever really needs to show up. It can all be done remotely. The big thing is to make sure we find plenty of work and right now that is where I am going to focus. I have one big client, one which really hates my old boss. Of course no one really likes to be lied to and the truth is that my old boss is fond of lying even when it makes absolutely no sense to do it. I will occasionally not tell the complete truth, but you can be sure that I have a reason and I hope to get away with it.


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