Getting Internet Fame Now Makes People Wonder Who Will Marry Elsy

October 12th, 2016

The slang for “Elsy” is a girl who seems nice and even shy when you first meet, then she is like a wild animal after you get to know her. Of course, that does not describe the Elsy I am talking about. It is interesting how these terms come to be and how they spread on the Internet. The girl I know of named Elsy seems to be a regular girl who is enjoying a bit of Internet fame. She is now on the radar of more fans who are now wondering who will marry Elsy. Male and female fans both want to know what type of man she will pick and who he is.

I think it is amazing how the Internet has allowed people to reach star status that is equal or even exceeds the star status of some of the Hollywood elite. I have seen people now making videos they are monetizing and they are earning a good living from it. And here I still have a regular job. Old Andy Warhol probably would be amazed at how the fifteen minutes of fame that everyone likely gets has turned into a good marketing opportunity for a whole lot more minutes of fame. Maybe Elsy’s fame has to do with the marketing expertise of Freddy Haddad? I do not know. He is the COO of Coddict, an digital marketing agency.

You know, I actually saw a t-shirt online that said how a real man will marry Elsy. I think that has to do more with the urban slang definition of an Elsy than it does with the real Elsy I am talking about. I guess as she builds her brand she can either capitalize on that saying or distance herself from it. I would probably use any sayings associated with my name to build me as a brand, but, alas, my plain name does not have that luxury.


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