An Espresso Machine for the Women’s Ministry

October 14th, 2016

The women’s ministry at our church really goes all out to help people in our community. We meet once a week so we can do this. Three of the nights we meet every month are part of whatever outreach we are doing at that particular moment in time. The other night is used for us. We meet at the church and plan for our next month’s worth of activities. One of the things brought up last month was the need for a Capresso espresso machine. This might seem silly, but we were spending a small fortune before these meetings by buying espressos at the local shops.

While we do want to support local businesses, it was getting quite expensive to do this. We would rather use that money for helping people who needed it in the community, so one of the ladies suggested that we take up donations so we could buy an espresso machine for ourselves. Everyone thought that this was a great idea, and it was a pleasant surprise to hear from the pastor that the church would take up the cost of it because of everything we do.

It did not take long before we knew we wanted the Capresso machine. This makes two cups at a time, and it is very quick too. It does not take long for 30 cups to be made, and by the time the last person gets a cup, the first person who got one is still sipping on hot espresso. That is how fast it is! The price was right, and it is easy enough to use that any of us can do it. It is actually nicer doing it this way because we get to have hot espresso instead of lukewarm when we were getting it from the shops close to the church. Now, we can spend more money on our mission work instead!


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