Looking for a New Smartphone

October 17th, 2016

I have decided that I am going to get a new phone for Christmas, but of course that is not so simple of a task. Everyone says that they have the best phone and obviously there are a lot of choices that I could make. Of course I would have seriously considered the Samsung Tab 7, but obviously I can not choose that any longer and it sets on fire spontaneously for reasons that they can not explain. So the best option might be unlocking factory iphone, but I really think that they are overpriced by a significant margin. I really think that their phones are quite good, but that they are not worth twice as much as other phones that work nearly as well. In fact the name on the phone is not nearly as important to me as it is to a lot of other people. I am definitely not going to wake up at three o’clock in the morning and wait in line for hours for the newest iPhone.

I am going to look at all of my options and see if I can try out a few different things. I have a lot of friends who take this stuff a lot more seriously than I do. Some of them devote a lot of energy and time to thinking about this stuff, although of course a couple of them could be described as fan boys for Apple. You really can not take everything that they say seriously, not when it is so obviously biased in favor of one phone and against all of the others. There really is not any sense in talking about the topic if you are simply going to get the same sales pitch that you would get if you talked to a company representative.


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