You Can Get Your Apple Device Fixed While You Wait

December 8th, 2016

I was using my phone outside and was trying to hold it to my ear using my shoulder. It slipped and hit the sidewalk. The screen was cracked pretty bad. It fell face down on a small rock. There was not a scratch on the housing as the screen took the full impact. You could not see anything or do anything. My wife and I drove over to a Richmond iPhone repair place. They fix your iPhones and iPads right there. It takes about an hour for most repairs. They were really busy when we went over, and we told them we would be back after we went to see a movie we wanted to see. There is a cinema really close. Plus, there are restaurants there too. After the movie we went and had an early dinner.

When I got back to the Richmond iPhone repair place, my phone was fixed. It sure was a lot less expensive than trying to replace it. It had been done for a while. I think that is amazing. You do not have to send your phone away and wait for it to come back. You can get it fixed pretty much while you wait. If you get bored, they have a waiting area with a nice TV. You can get a coffee or go to the bookstore if you like. There is a lot to do while you wait for your phone. I know how it is for kids. Without their phones, they have nothing to do. I am not that hooked on my iPhone. Close, but not that bad.

I would imagine that the main thing they are fixing is cracked screens. When you have an Apple device, you don’t really want to put a cover on it. I think this is especially true of the phones you can get in different colors.


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