Our Riches to Rags Story

January 11th, 2017

I know that there are a lot of people who are experiencing financial difficulty. I have always had a soft spot for them, especially the ones who were doing their best to make life better for themselves. I never expected to find myself in the same boat as the ones I had empathized with before though. I had a great job, a successful husband, and I was pretty much living the American dream. That just goes to show you how quickly a person can go from living that way to needing the services of a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney.

My story is really no different than so many others. My husband was severely injured in a skiing accident a year ago. He was nearly 600 miles away when it happened, so I flew out there to be with him for his initial care. We were able to bring him to a local hospital after a week of being there, and that was just the beginning of our new lives. Thankfully, our house was paid for as well as my car, but we still had a lot of debt because of his medical bills.

I used the majority of our savings having an addition built onto our house because he was not going to be on the second floor for a while. I suppose I should have saved that money looking back now, but I was still optimistic. We nearly lost everything because of his accident. I was stressed beyond any reasonable level, and that is when I decided to contact an expert in bankruptcy. I knew that I could not continue on as I had been. I needed to be there for my husband, and that was not happening since I had to deal with so many threatening phone calls and letters on a regular basis. I definitely picked the right attorney though because he was able to get the process started quickly, and we are now on the road to a fresh start, both physically and financially, not to mention emotionally and mentally too!


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