My Husband Was Hurt Playing Golf

January 12th, 2017

My husband takes a lot of ribbing for how he injured his back. He takes it in stride though! He likes to tell people it was a sporting injury, and I suppose it was. It just happened on the golf course though rather than in a vicious game of football. Rather than having back pain from being tackled by a 300 pound defensive tackle, he was sidelined because of how he twisted when he struck the golf ball with his club. That is truly how he ended up seeing a chiropractor in Campbell CA.

He told me that as soon as he swung his club, he knew that something had happened to his back. Luckily, he had a golf cart there, and he was able to drive himself back to the clubhouse. The pain got even worse once he came home and laid down. We both thought that would help him, but he was just in intense pain and couldn’t sleep. There is a chiropractor’s office about a mile from our house, so I contacted them to see if he should come in. They told me to bring him then, since he was in so much pain.

The doctor did a physical examination on him, and he had him lie down on a table, on his belly, when he was done. He started pressing on his lower back very gently at first, and he explained that he was going to do an adjustment because my husband’s spine was not in the right alignment. I could tell right when my husband felt relief, and I was so glad because I had never seen him in that kind of pain before. He ended up going back for six more adjustments, and he feels great today. He is even going to go back golfing again, which his friends have told him he is a very brave man for!


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