I Can’t Wait to Move to This Wonderful City That We’re Moving to

February 19th, 2017

When I was a kid, the school I attended had a lot of field trips for students. These trips were always something to look forward to. Now that I’m an adult, I can say that they were my favorite part of school. My favorite trip was when we visited Charleston, so when I learned that my husband and I needed to move there, I was ecstatic. He told me that I should start the search for North Charleston apartments right away because we only had two months to get there and get settled in before he started his new job there.

I grow bored with being stuck in one city and one residence rather quickly. I need change. I thrive on it. I’ve never come up with any plausible reason for this, as most people are happy to stay put in the same place for many years. But if I do stay in one place for years, I soon find myself feeling disatisfied with the things around me. It continues to grow over time until I find myself needing and wanting to make a change and living someplace new. Luckily, my husband’s job keeps him moving around the country, so this has worked out really well for me.

I really love Scouth Carolina and all that it has to offer. I remember that I visited during the spring when I was school. I remember seeing horse-covered carriages meandering down the streets. I also remember beautiful flowers all throughout the city. Everyone has such lovely accents there, and the people have a friendliness about them that I have never encountered in any of the other states that I have lived in. There are a lot of interesting cultural and historical things located around the city, too. This move has had made me feel very excited.


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