I Love How Far Technology Has Come in Apartment Hunting

April 7th, 2017

I went to the website of an apartment building that my friend lives in because I wanted to move back to the area and had no idea where to go. I did not want to just pick a place without knowing a lot about it, which is why I went to the website. I figured if I was going to look at apartments for rent in McDonough GA, then I might as well do everything in my power to make sure I pick out the right one since I would more than likely need to sign a lease at any of them.

I can remember when I looked at my first apartment when I graduated from college over 25 years ago. We did not have the Internet to help like we do today, and I had to actually drive around to all the apartment complexes to find the one that I wanted. It took me 34 days to find my first apartment, but now it takes just minutes to look at everything a complex offers on their website. There is everything from pictures and information on amenities to layouts of all the different floor plans.

That was my favorite part of looking at this particular website. There are three different kinds of apartments, including one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom apartments. All of them contain a balcony as well as a sunroom along with a laundry room. Anyone who lives in them also gets free rein to use the amenities on the grounds. To find out what those are was very easy too, as it just required clicking on the amenities link. I have gone from it taking over a month of actively looking every day for an apartment to finding the one I am meant to have in a matter of minutes. I really love how far technology has come!


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