We Got to Texas Safely

April 16th, 2017

We had rather short notice when they told Melinda that she was getting relocated to Texas. It was not all that surprising and we took it in stride to be honest. She got out of college and a lot of companies were competing for her, she really picked a wise area in which to focus her computer science studies. At any rate we went on the web and searched for apartments for Grand Prairie TX, which is the place where her new office is located. In truth it is something of a lab in practical terms. I have been tagging along for a couple of stops and I have developed a model where it does not even matter where I lay my head because of it. In fact I am making really good money working on various projects as a contractor. The only difference in the money that I am making is that I do not get benefits and Mel’s employer was willing to let me go on her insurance. In fact they were willing to hire me, but they did not pay me so well that I was tempted.

In fact I sort of like not having to report to anyone else. I have meetings on skype and I was a suit up top, but down below that I am wearing pajama bottoms and bunny slippers. That is what I wear to work. Of course when I want to go to the park and shoot basketball, that is what I do. Some of my contracts pay extremely well and I have some other side projects which are turning out really well. None of them have been really big hits, but the thing is that they bring in income all of the time and that always adds up obviously. A big success would be retirement level money.


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