A Better Place for My Family

April 17th, 2017

My wife, my daughter, and I wanted to move out of our old neighborhood and into something much safer. The crime reports in the neighborhood had become more rampant and we feared for the safety of our child. We thought it over and came to the conclusion that the only way to keep our daughter safe would be to find a new place to live. After doing some browsing, we found the Ashford Retreat apartments. We wanted to move into a house at first, but the apartments seemed like a better fit, given the size of our family.

The apartments were exactly what we needed. They were located in a safe environment with a low crime rate. There is a patrol constantly keeping watch at night at the apartments, so if anyone dares to try anything, they’ll be caught. They had their own playground and pool. My daughter loves to play and the playground and really loves to swim. Even though she’s so young, she can swim pretty fast and always challenges me and my wife to races. We easily beat her because of our body length and strength, and she always says that we’re cheating, which always gives us a big laugh.

Everything else was pretty much extra bonuses with the apartments. The appliances were great, the lake and walking trail were beautiful. We really like that it was closer to both of our work places than the old apartment. We promptly moved in to the apartments and didn’t look back on our old crime ridden neighborhood. The apartments were close enough to the school district so my daughter didn’t have to transfer to a new school. She was happy that she would still be able to see all of the friends that she’s come to know and love at school.


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