Our Search is Now over

May 28th, 2017

My friends and I had been looking for a place to live for months, but could never decide on anything. We moved into one apartment years ago and liked it initially. It was a low cost place, and it was close to most of the locations where we needed to be. As time went on, we got tired of the place and wanted something with a little more room. It wasn’t until we found www.lyriclv.com that we were able to make a decision that would make our lives better. If we hadn’t found that website, we would probably be still looking for a place right now.

We found the website in a magazine. There was an advertisement on one of the pages, and no one really noticed it when they were looking through the magazine. I took the magazine into the bathroom with me because I wanted to have something to read while I was handling my business. That’s when I saw the ad and made a mental note to go to the website. After washing my hands, I told my friends about the website and we all looked it up on our phones. My friends practically thought I was a genius at that point.

We took a tour of the apartment from the ad and liked it, so the only thing left to do was to sign the lease, which we did. We spent the next day packing up all of our items into boxes and taping them shut so nothing would fall out of them. We had to rent a moving truck because we didn’t have one of our own, nor did we know anyone who had a truck. Moving into the apartment was the most satisfying feeling, because we were finally done with our long search and living in a nicer place.


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