I Have Found a New Girlfriend

May 29th, 2017

I met her at the campus of UNLV. I have been going there to take a couple of classes to help in my career, right now I am trying to work my way up the management ladder at a casino on the Strip. I did not think that she was rich at first. SHe had a nice car and she had what I thought were nice things, like her purse. Of course when I saw her place at the Bloom apartments I started to think that someone must have been helping her pay her bills. As it turns out she has a very healthy trust fund. Last weekend I went with her to go see her grandparents. The two of them lived in a big house on a golf course and it was obvious that they had a great deal of money. At any rate we played tennis with them and he let me drive his old Mercedes two seater. I had only ever seen one of these in magazines, but he had one which looked almost new. After a bit I realized that it was sort of like a job interview. Apparently he has jobs and being his granddaughter’s boyfriend seems to be a great qualification.

At any rate things are going really great between her and I, it is going so smoothly that I am sort of nervous that nothing has gone wrong. She asked me if I wanted to move in with her the other night and I could not think of a reason why I would not. The only reasons would be that it is not nearly as close to where I work, but of course that is a minor thing when weighed against the positive things. Foremost it would save me a great big pile of money.


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