We Made Sure Our Kids Have Great Teeth to Avoid the Negative Comments

June 6th, 2017

If you have kids, you better have a good dentist. You do not want your kids to be the ones made fun of in school because they have crooked teeth or a smile that is not brilliant white. We associate health, intelligence, hygiene and social status with how a person’s teeth look. Should it be that way? No, certainly not. However, it is that way. I grew up with what I call a snaggle tooth. I found a dentist for Denver CO when I became an adult, and I got my smile fixed.

Genetically, I ended up with teeth like my mother’s. She had teeth that you could see the dentin through, and it looks yellow. My teeth were clean, but they always looked yellow. No amount of whitening could help, as you were seeing the dentin underneath the enamel. Plus, I had that one crooked tooth. Now I have a smile that looks just as good as any Hollywood star. My wife and I made sure our children have straight white teeth too. You might be surprised at how far a smile like that can take you in everything from a job interview to financial negotiations.

There is a psyche that is almost universal here in America when it comes to a winning smile. Those nice shiny white teeth that are straight put us at ease. You know it’s true. You probably have made comments in the past about someone’s teeth. I had that crooked one and the yellow dentin, and even I have had negative thoughts about different smiles. I knew a girl who was very nice, but I could not get beyond her bad teeth. It was not appealing. I know a guy who is smart and funny, but people comment on his bad teeth. Since this is a fixable thing, why not pursue that? Do it over time and make small payments. That is what I did.


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