They Handled My Dental Emergency with Aplomb

June 7th, 2017

Thank goodness I found a website where I could find emergency dental care. Is there anything worse in this world than a cracked tooth? The pain is just mind blowing. In the past I have had broken bones and cuts that required stitches and none of those injuries were as bad as the cracked tooth I had recently. The pain almost made me pass out, and attempting to eat or drink anything resulted in unbearable sensations, especially the latter. I attempted, foolishly I admit, to sip some hot coffee. The resulting agonies didn’t subside for at least one half hour.

I called my regular dentist and wouldn’t you just know that he decided to close the office due to a quick vacation. I thought I would have to go through this agony for another week until my husband started doing a lot of searches online in the quest to find relief. He found a great dentist’s site who did emergency dental work. We called and left a message and someone got back to us almost immediately. My husband explained the problem and they had us come in right away. I was impressed that someone contacted us immediately, and more impressed when we got there.

The dentist actually arrived the same time we did! He had us come into the office and I went immediately to the chair. He threw on his white jacket and within seconds was telling me I would need a crown or an extraction. I chose the crown and he set to work. After a lot of measuring and filing, he had it in place and I have to say he did a fantastic job. The tooth is flush right up to the gum line and the pain is gone. All it took was about two to three hours and instant relief!


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