Do You Really Need a Realtor?

June 10th, 2017

It is something that is going to be important to me in the near future, but right now I do not have the money for a down payment and obviously you are not really in the market for a house before you have the money it takes. At any rate I obviously have not ever bought a house and a guy who is a realtor in Cherry Creek is very obviously going to be able to navigate the process a lot better than I am going to be able to do it. That is just how it is and I am thinking that there is going to be a real problem for a busy person to figure out all of the things that they need to know in order to get through the process and come out of it with a house at the price that they want to pay for it.

Obviously a realtor is not going to help you out of the goodness of their heart, so they are going to take a commission and the hope is that you can get a value out of the deal that is worth what you pay for it. The big thing they bring is knowing how the thing needs to be done, but in fact they may not be so keen on the sort of house I want. The commission is going to be much smaller since I do not need the sort of house a family of five would need. I am a relatively young man who is not married. I have a girlfriend, but she makes it rather clear that she is not ready for settling down. In fact she does not want to have any man telling her what she has to do and I do not blame her.


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