I Need a Place That Accepts Pets

June 16th, 2017

I thought that I had found what I wanted, but after I took a look at the website I realized that they would be opposed to Lucky on technicalities. The place is in a good location for me and the place seems to be pretty good, the rent would not be too great, but it would be less than the other places that I looked at. However when you look at the pet policy then it is obvious that they do not want big dogs. The rules are laid out. They charge you 200 dollars for a pet, then you do not get that money back. It has to be spayed or neutered, but I suspect that they would not be too keen to figure out if Lucky still has working boy dog parts. So I am guessing they would not be too upset that he is not that. Of course he is about the friendliest dog ever, annoyingly so at times.

The problem is that Lucky is a big dog, about forty five pounds I would guess. He is probably not going to be happy in an apartment, since he has enough energy to light up the sky. At any rate the policy says that you can not have a dog that is over 20 pounds. I guess that means things like poodles and dachshunds. I have known a guy who had a cat which was probably close to that. It was obscenely overweight. It is a really bad thing, but I think that I may find a little house to rent. This guy at work told me about a place which his neighbor is going to rent out. It is a tiny place with a tiny fenced in back yard. Obviously that would be best for Lucky, especially if you get a doggy door.


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