I Found Two Great Apartments in My Search

September 5th, 2017

The first time I went to the www.overlookatcrosstownwalkapts.com website, it was to look at something for my brother. He is so busy with work that he asked me if I would look at the three bedroom floor plans there and let him know if they were nice or not. Well, that was easy enough to do for him because there just were not any three bedroom floor plans. There were only one and two bedroom units, so I gave him the news. He asked me to check a few other complexes for him, and he was finally able to pick out the apartment he wanted at one of them.

As for me, I was still living at home with my folks when I helped him with this. I had looked over the Overlook website thoroughly though even though it did not have the three bedroom unit he wanted. I had looked at the one bedroom units though after looking at the community features of the apartment complex, and I found myself getting more and more excited. I really liked everything that I saw, and I knew that I wanted to go there in person and see if it was really as nice as the website was showing it to be.

When I did that, I discovered that it was even nicer. I know that a picture can really show a lot, but seeing the place with my own eyes really made up my mind that I wanted to live there. I was nearly 24 years old and just figured it was probably time for me to strike out on my own. The great thing too is that it is close to where I work, so my commute time would be cut significantly too. I am happy my brother needed my help because I was able to find two great apartments in that search!


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