Getting a New 72-Inch TV for My Football Fan Family

October 7th, 2017

You would figure it would be the dad that wanted the bigger screen television for the living room. No. Not in my house. Here, it has to be the wife and kids who want the giant screen to be able to watch football games. I’m not the fan in the house, they are. Well, I suppose I can indulge their passion. After all, our budget has been supporting jersey and fan memorabilia purchases for years. I once stood in line for them for three hours to get autographs, so I can look for Cyber Monday TV 2017 deals to get the 72-inch UHD TV they want.

Oh, and it has to have the Surround Sound sound system too. None of that off-brand stuff. They want the picture and the sound to be top notch. It still is cheaper than season tickets for the three of them. I have friends who have season tickets, and they would not tell me how much they pay per year to get them. So, I looked it up. Somebody is making too much money, and it ain’t me. I am not complaining about the new TV setup I’m going to get them. It really is cheaper than season tickets for all three of them. Plus, I will be able to enjoy golf and sci-fi movies on the big screen in full Surround Sound.

I have been wanting a new TV for our living room for some time now. Waiting for the purchase idea to be at their request gives me some leeway in getting that new set of golf clubs I have been wanting now for about five years. That is a long time when it comes to new golf technology. TVs too for that matter. The new ultra-high-definition televisions are really something to see. I can hardly wait until Cyber Monday gets here.


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