My Business Needs to Look Top-Notch at All Times

March 7th, 2018

I walked into my the business that I run one day, and noticed a musty smell. It’s very important that the office is the epitome of luxury because that is what my clients expect. I realized that spring cleaning in Singapore happens every year in the spring, and the flowers blooming outside told me that it was time for it. However, neither myself or my employees have time for things like that. I had one cleaning lady, but she was spread thin working as a freelance cleaner for a variety of companies, so I knew that it would be best to hire a team of people to do the work.

When I first started out in real estate, I put my all into it because I wanted to be good at it. I had some trouble at first. I didn’t have the type of charisma that drew customers to me easily. I worked for a real estate company, and I saw so many of the other realtors doing better than I was doing. I began to think that I wasn’t cut out for it, I decided to start reading so that I could try to figure out to be someone who could do a better job. I began reading general business books. I also began reading about being a better salesperson, too.

Making the choice to better myself helped me to better my career. After many months of learning as much as I could and pushing myself to practice what I learned, selling became more natural to me. I made sure that I knew everything necessary so that I could give trustworthy answers to anything a client might ask. Not long after that, I found that clients began to trust me more, which meant that I sold more. Now, I own my own company and we sell million-dollar homes every week. My office needs to look immaculate and draw customers in, just like I need to look and act, too.


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