I Met a Really Smart Girl

April 11th, 2018

Of course I was not expecting it to go well, since I am sort of awkward when it comes to girls and she was obviously smart enough to see this much. I knew this other girl, the two of us used to get physics tuition in the library. That was a good time ago and I was trying to remember her name. It was lucky for me that her friend said it before it was obvious that I could not remember it. At any rate they had a study group and they needed someone else. I was surprised that they asked me, but I understood it later on and pretty soon I got to thinking that it was not really about studying or such. At any rate I was certainly willing to go along with the idea and it turned out pretty great for me. At the first I was not very comfortable around her and I always thought that the two of them were laughing at me.

It is strange for you to realize that a girl is actually taking the initiative, but that is how it looked and it was pretty much how it went. If she had waited for me to get things started it might have never gotten any place. At any rate I am pretty pleased with the situation, but the truth is it that it does not seem to be a serious matter for her. That is okay with me, it is her game in the final analysis and I am sort of flattered by the idea that I am some sort of toy for her to play with. She seems to have simply decided that she was going to have a boyfriend and it is like I won a lottery to get the job.


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