They Needed Help Cleaning Their Condo

May 2nd, 2018

When I went to my son’s condo to stay for a few weeks to recuperate from surgery, I knew that he needed some help. He is always the one who comes to visit me, so this was very rare for me to be in his condo even for a regular visit. He works long hours, and his wife travels a good bit for her own work. They have two older children who are quite busy as well. I decided to look into cleaning services in Singapore because it was obvious that none of them had much time to devote to the actual cleaning of the condo.

It seemed that they waited until she got home from one of her trips to clean the way it should be cleaned. I am not saying that the condo was messy by any means, but it was also not getting the proper cleaning that it needed either. The first time the cleaning woman came, I was there on my own. We were able to talk about different things that needed done so we could find the perfect package for my son and his family.

When he came home from work that first time, he was a bit frustrated. He actually thought that I had been the one to clean, which made me laugh. I am good at many things, but even I was not that good to clean everything in the condition that I was in. He was so impressed when I told him that Kleepers had done the cleaning, and he felt a bit silly too for not thinking to have a professional service come in. The one who benefited from this the most is his wife. She can come home and just relax now instead of spending a full day getting the condo back into great shape.


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