I Needed to Feel More Safe Even Though We Live in a Nice Area

June 15th, 2018

When we moved to Colorado, I didn’t really know what it would be like here. My spouse told me that he was being transferred to this state for work, and we really had no choice. They told him that his position was being eliminated in the state we were living in. If he wanted to stay with the company and keep his retirement plan and benefits, he needed to agree to the transfer. We do have a great house now, but it’s not really close to other homes. That made me feel unsafe.

I’ve always lived in bustling urban areas in apartments, townhomes or other situations where there were always other people living just on the other side of my walls. So, living in our own home was super exciting at first, but my nearest neighbor is one quarter of a mile away. If I need to yell for help, no one would hear me. If someone breaks in, there is no home right next door to run to for safety.

I thought I would feel safer in the type of area that we live in, but I needed to feel more safe. It started to get to me after awhile, and my husband suggested we just put in an alarm system. He thought it would be good because I can run the alarm through my cell phone. It’s a nice system, and the company that installed alarm system has made it really easy for people like me, who are not great with technical things, to have the ability to monitor all the rooms in our house with no trouble. I did not have to go to the trouble of reading any complicated instruction books or need to write anything down in order to turn the alarm on and off either.


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