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August 2nd, 2018

The website was everything I needed when I wanted to plan a great 5th birthday party for my twin daughters. Planning birthday parties are a huge deal these days. Kids don’t just play outside and then eat homemade cake while their friends sing Happy Birthday to them, like when we were kids. No birthdays are a huge event, where the gifts their friends give them are equivalent to a small car. I know that sounds great, but that means there is a whole lot of pressure to have the best birthday party among your friends. I know what you are thinking, five year old kids wouldn’t want that much right, wrong they still want big things.The first thing I needed was to be able to find a television show that was online but not on American television. This meant I needed to find a cable box that would work and have the programs, because I would have 10 very upset little girls on my daughter’s birthday if they could not watch their favorite show. So I took my search online and that is when I found your online store. I was able to find the perfect box so they could watch the shows. I know it sounds silly but you really saved the birthday party. I was also able to find a lot of things that were perfect for my husband too, he loves sports from around the world and you had exactly what he had been looking for.Well the twins had a great birthday party and everyone had a great time. The television shows were actually cute and fun to watch. I am a little worried what I am going to have to do for next year’s party, but for now we are just enjoying the twins presents from this party.


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