TCM Helped with My Sleeping Issues

November 16th, 2018

When a new TCM clinic opened up near me a while ago, I recognized it but never went there because I was already seeing a doctor. When my doctor moved out of the country, I decided that I would give this TCM clinic a try since they were just right down the road from me. I had already looked at their website and felt comfortable with what I saw there. What really appealed to me is that they combine both western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat their patients in the best way possible.

I did not know a lot about TCM, but I was willing to give it a go if it meant better health for me. One of the things that really made me want to try them out is they do help with sleeping issues. I have not had a good night sleep in so long. I wake up at least twice through the night, and sometimes it is even more than that. Well, i used to anyway, but since I started going to this TCM clinic, they have really helped me a lot with it. I had even tried sleeping pills at one time, but that just made things worse because I still woke up but I also felt groggier because of it.

When I went to the TCM clinic, I mentioned about my sleeping issues, and that is the first thing they helped me with. I did everything they instructed, and I was sleeping the entire night really soon after. I forgot what that had felt like, and I was extremely grateful to the TCM doctors for helping me with something that had really disrupted my life for way too long. I am so glad that my doctor moved, because I would still be seeing him and having sleeping problems if he had not!


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