I Have Been Taking Some Computer Science

September 30th, 2019

Along with computer science I have been taking some finance classes, including one where the professor talks about the bitcoin evolution, which is more about cryptocurrency in general than it is about bitcoin in the specific. I started to play with a bitcoin trader app too. At any rate I have been thinking that it is a really important thing to learn about, although not in the way that you would think right off. Instead you need to think about the tech that underlies the cryptocurrency and how that relates to cybersecurity. Blockchain is the name of the system upon which bitcoin is based and if you study that, then you learn that it has a great many other applications and then you have to think about how many people know how to use it. There is the obvious conclusion that this is a think that you would want to learn about if you were wanting to make a lot of money.

In fact I suspect that if you could get a good idea before the rest of the world, then you might make a great deal of money. That is obviously something that I might be interested in. However I have a lot to learn before then, so that is what comes first. At any rate I have been working really hard. Somehow I managed to get a girlfriend in the process. I had noticed her in class a lot and then one day she came up to me in the library and asked me to help her with her math. I figured out pretty quickly that I should have been the one asking her for help, but she kept the pretense up and I was pretty pleased with myself. I thought you had to chase this sort of girl and it never occurred to me that the opposite might be true.


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