We Got to Texas Safely

April 16th, 2017

We had rather short notice when they told Melinda that she was getting relocated to Texas. It was not all that surprising and we took it in stride to be honest. She got out of college and a lot of companies were competing for her, she really picked a wise area in which to focus her computer science studies. At any rate we went on the web and searched for apartments for Grand Prairie TX, which is the place where her new office is located. In truth it is something of a lab in practical terms. I have been tagging along for a couple of stops and I have developed a model where it does not even matter where I lay my head because of it. In fact I am making really good money working on various projects as a contractor. The only difference in the money that I am making is that I do not get benefits and Mel’s employer was willing to let me go on her insurance. In fact they were willing to hire me, but they did not pay me so well that I was tempted. Continue reading »


I Love How Far Technology Has Come in Apartment Hunting

April 7th, 2017

I went to the website of an apartment building that my friend lives in because I wanted to move back to the area and had no idea where to go. I did not want to just pick a place without knowing a lot about it, which is why I went to the website. I figured if I was going to look at apartments for rent in McDonough GA, then I might as well do everything in my power to make sure I pick out the right one since I would more than likely need to sign a lease at any of them.

I can remember when I looked at my first apartment when I graduated from college over 25 years ago. We did not have the Internet to help like we do today, and I had to actually drive around to all the apartment complexes to find the one that I wanted. Continue reading »


I Am Ready for My NFL Debut

March 12th, 2017

I have been on the practice squad for an NFL team for three years now. Every time I think I am finally going to get on the roster, it turns out that I don’t get it. It is not because I am not good, because I am. It is just that the other players are good too, so it is very competitive. I decided to look into some professional off season football training to see if I could up my game any. I take my workouts very seriously, and I don’t indulge in foods, activities or anything else that is going to make me perform less than what I know I can do.

I am always training, but I knew that I was missing something. The best way to find out what that was is to find a professional trainer to help me. I have worked with local guys at my own gym, but I wanted a professional who understands what a professional football players needs to get to that next level. Continue reading »


I Can’t Wait to Move to This Wonderful City That We’re Moving to

February 19th, 2017

When I was a kid, the school I attended had a lot of field trips for students. These trips were always something to look forward to. Now that I’m an adult, I can say that they were my favorite part of school. My favorite trip was when we visited Charleston, so when I learned that my husband and I needed to move there, I was ecstatic. He told me that I should start the search for North Charleston apartments right away because we only had two months to get there and get settled in before he started his new job there.

I grow bored with being stuck in one city and one residence rather quickly. I need change. I thrive on it. I’ve never come up with any plausible reason for this, as most people are happy to stay put in the same place for many years. But if I do stay in one place for years, I soon find myself feeling disatisfied with the things around me. It continues to grow over time until I find myself needing and wanting to make a change and living someplace new. Continue reading »


My Husband Was Hurt Playing Golf

January 12th, 2017

My husband takes a lot of ribbing for how he injured his back. He takes it in stride though! He likes to tell people it was a sporting injury, and I suppose it was. It just happened on the golf course though rather than in a vicious game of football. Rather than having back pain from being tackled by a 300 pound defensive tackle, he was sidelined because of how he twisted when he struck the golf ball with his club. That is truly how he ended up seeing a chiropractor in Campbell CA.

He told me that as soon as he swung his club, he knew that something had happened to his back. Luckily, he had a golf cart there, and he was able to drive himself back to the clubhouse. The pain got even worse once he came home and laid down. Continue reading »


With Baby Comes the Pain

January 12th, 2017

I found out I was pregnant with my first child and was so excited. I had heard only wonderful things about bringing a new life into the world. No one told me pregancy would leave me looking for a chiropractor in Mesa AZ.

My bundle of joy liked to push on my sciatic nerve. The pain was excrucitaing at times. After she was born, the pain did not go away. I needed a treatment option that did not require medicine since I was breast feeding. I searched for any remedies I could find. Herbal teas and hot baths did little if anything to give me relief. I finally decided a chiropractor was the best option.

I searched and read reviews until I found a reputable chiropractor office that had an affordable treatment plan. I had never seen one so I wasn’t sure what a visit would entail. I though they just popped your bones back into place so I was shocked that they could help with pain caused from nerves.

The office I chose was close by. I made an appointment and they got me in quickly. The whole staff put me at ease. Continue reading »


My Back Hurt After I Fell

January 11th, 2017

Not long ago, I fell while jogging. I was worried that I had sprained my ankle, but I was able to work through the pain and walk back to my car. I bandaged it as soon as I got home, knowing I would have to baby it. I went to bed early, and I was surprised when I woke up because it was my back that was hurting rather than my ankle. I had felt some discomfort but dismissed it. After two days of this pain, I decided to contact my San Jose chiropractor just to make sure that everything was okay.

I knew that it was possible that I just needed some time to let it heal properly, but I also knew that the fall could have caused some damage since the pain seemed to be getting worse rather than better. I am all about living a healthy lifestyle, so I did not want to resort to taking pain pills to feel better. Continue reading »


Our Unused Basement Bathroom Was Costing Us Money

January 11th, 2017

I am very independent, but I know there are a lot of things that I cannot handle on my own. I can do small repair jobs around the house, especially if it is just cosmetic like fixing a knob on a drawer or painting a chipped window sill, but the bigger things like fixing my furnace or a leaking pipe are things I save for a company that does plumbing as well as appliance repair in Sacramento. They take care of everything I could need in that area, so I called Fix-it-Rite whenever something does not work right in my home.

When I got my water bill a few months ago, it was a lot higher than I expected. I called the water company, and they told me that if my usage had not increased that much, to check my sinks and toilets to make sure that there was not a leak or something constantly running. I found the culprit when I went to the sink in the basement. It was a slow leak, but it was enough that it raised my water bill for three months pretty high. Continue reading »


Our Riches to Rags Story

January 11th, 2017

I know that there are a lot of people who are experiencing financial difficulty. I have always had a soft spot for them, especially the ones who were doing their best to make life better for themselves. I never expected to find myself in the same boat as the ones I had empathized with before though. I had a great job, a successful husband, and I was pretty much living the American dream. That just goes to show you how quickly a person can go from living that way to needing the services of a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney.

My story is really no different than so many others. My husband was severely injured in a skiing accident a year ago. He was nearly 600 miles away when it happened, so I flew out there to be with him for his initial care. Continue reading »


I Found Something That Helped Me Catch My Husband Cheating on Me

December 14th, 2016

I never thought I would be in this position, but I found myself needing to watch what my husband was doing on his phone and computer. He had been really different toward me for about six months, and he would not talk about it. I suspected that he was cheating, but I needed help to find out. I had been thinking of hiring a private detective, but a friend told me that I should check out a Mspy review because I would probably find out that it would do what I need without the cost of needing to hire a detective. I figured that sounded like a great idea.

I went looking online for the little program that my friend told me about. It looked really great. I downloaded it and hoped that it would work as well as it claimed to, and it really did! I found out about why my husband was pulling away from me and acting so differently toward me after 10 years of marriage. Continue reading »


Making Sure Your Products Are Up to Specs

December 8th, 2016

As an executive in a manufacturing facility involved in building rotating machines, I can tell you there is no room for error. These are enormous devices used in heavy industrial facilities and it’s absolutely imperative they meet measurement specs, by using vibration transducers, down to the millimeter. If you don’t use a this device, an improperly calibrated rotater can destroy expensive machines as well as damage the factory. In many cases, a rotating machine that isn’t up to code can kill a worker.

I’m only talking about this situation because the owners of our plant decided to cut costs by putting out a contract overseas for a batch of rotating machines. The savings looked great on the books, but there is a troubling trend of playing fast and loose with the measurements in other places. Inspection of said devices overseas is also a problem in that it is virtually non-existent. They just ship the stuff and let the chips fall where they may. This isn’t a problem with clothing or toys perhaps, but as stated above it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to industrial equipment.

What is scary is that they almost slipped through inspection because no one thought anything more than a cursory examination would suffice to prove these pieces were up to snuff. It was only by accident the problem was discovered. The measurements were off by about two centimeters, surely enough to cause a massive disaster that might have killed people or caused millions of dollars in damages. Fortunately we had reliable vibration transducers on hand to machine the parts to fix the issues. You simply can’t skimp on safety and if not for these transducers, I think the consequences would have been devastating. At the very least make sure you’ve got the equipment to make sure disaster does not follow.


An Unforgettable Gift for the Guests

December 8th, 2016

As a way to thank all of our friends and family for coming to our wedding, my wife and I decided to get the guests something. We wanted to get something beyond the normal wedding favors that people usually give, like those miniature bubble blowing bottles. My wife really loves to grow plants, so she came up wit the idea of giving everyone seed paper wedding favors. The seed papers can be planted and will easily grow into beautiful flowers that can be enjoyed by anyone. I wasn’t aware that such a thing existed, but I was fully on board with the idea.

The great thing about the seed papers is that they can be customized with anything. My wife and I picked out a lovely design for the paper and ordered enough to cover all of the guests. Some of our friends had their own ideas as to what design should be used on the seed papers, but my wife and I stuck to our own choice. Although we appreciated their input, we wanted to do things our way. Continue reading »


You Can Get Your Apple Device Fixed While You Wait

December 8th, 2016

I was using my phone outside and was trying to hold it to my ear using my shoulder. It slipped and hit the sidewalk. The screen was cracked pretty bad. It fell face down on a small rock. There was not a scratch on the housing as the screen took the full impact. You could not see anything or do anything. My wife and I drove over to a Richmond iPhone repair place. They fix your iPhones and iPads right there. It takes about an hour for most repairs. They were really busy when we went over, and we told them we would be back after we went to see a movie we wanted to see. Continue reading »


Change Your Cars Performance Settings Yourself

October 17th, 2016

I do a lot of work on my own cars. It has been getting harder and harder to do that since the early 1980s. We have had emission standards develop since then, and pretty much everything is controlled by software and servos. One of our cars even has the technology to parallel park itself. I am not a mechanic by profession, but I have been working on cars since I was a kid. I bought an OBD II scanner to be able to check all of the on-board diagnostics and control the electronic control units in the cars. I especially like to use it on my modern muscle car to tweak performance.

Before, you had to go out and buy the chipsets you wanted to increase performance. Continue reading »


Looking for a New Smartphone

October 17th, 2016

I have decided that I am going to get a new phone for Christmas, but of course that is not so simple of a task. Everyone says that they have the best phone and obviously there are a lot of choices that I could make. Of course I would have seriously considered the Samsung Tab 7, but obviously I can not choose that any longer and it sets on fire spontaneously for reasons that they can not explain. So the best option might be unlocking factory iphone, but I really think that they are overpriced by a significant margin. I really think that their phones are quite good, but that they are not worth twice as much as other phones that work nearly as well. Continue reading »


An Espresso Machine for the Women’s Ministry

October 14th, 2016

The women’s ministry at our church really goes all out to help people in our community. We meet once a week so we can do this. Three of the nights we meet every month are part of whatever outreach we are doing at that particular moment in time. The other night is used for us. We meet at the church and plan for our next month’s worth of activities. One of the things brought up last month was the need for a Capresso espresso machine. This might seem silly, but we were spending a small fortune before these meetings by buying espressos at the local shops.

While we do want to support local businesses, it was getting quite expensive to do this. Continue reading »


Getting Internet Fame Now Makes People Wonder Who Will Marry Elsy

October 12th, 2016

The slang for “Elsy” is a girl who seems nice and even shy when you first meet, then she is like a wild animal after you get to know her. Of course, that does not describe the Elsy I am talking about. It is interesting how these terms come to be and how they spread on the Internet. The girl I know of named Elsy seems to be a regular girl who is enjoying a bit of Internet fame. She is now on the radar of more fans who are now wondering who will marry Elsy. Male and female fans both want to know what type of man she will pick and who he is.

I think it is amazing how the Internet has allowed people to reach star status that is equal or even exceeds the star status of some of the Hollywood elite. Continue reading »


Getting Set Up for Business

October 2nd, 2016

It is going to be an easy thing for me to do, but I have started to work out the details for figuring out the way to pay a staff for the business. It is sort of an impromptu deal at the moment, because I am not going to be paying people in a traditional way or working in a traditional way. In fact most of the people will not be full time employees for me. A pay stub maker is supposed to help me with one of the issues, but that is not really all that important to me. In fact I am not going to issue traditional pay checks, there is not any need for it and there is no purpose in going through the trouble of it. Continue reading »


Pricing for Foam Flor Underlayment

September 11th, 2016

I am taking on the biggest DYI project of my life, and I hope that I will be able to do a good job. I am going to be installing hardwood floors in a large section of my house, and it is something that I do not have much experience with. But I have been gathering information and watching shows on it for a couple months now. I think that I have learned enough to give it a try, and I currently need to buy foam underlayment to use to place underneath the wood that I am going to put down the floors.

The foam is going to serve a few purposes, and namely it is going to serve as a bit of padding to protect the wood of the hardwood floors somewhat. Continue reading »


Tutorial for Robot Structural Analysis Software

September 2nd, 2016

I am going to have to learn how to use this Robot Structural Analysis software for my job, and I am quite new to it, having never seen it before. I have heard of it in the past, but this is the first time that I’ve opened the interface. It is a bit confusing and non-intuitive. But I guess that can be overcome. I need to find a robot structural analysis tutorial though that I can use to help to learn how to use this software more quickly. It will be important that I am able to master the software in a fairly short period of time.

While I am not going to be expected to use the software right away, since it was just installed on everyone’s computer in my department today. I will be expected to make use of it probably within a month, if not sooner. So the sooner I can learn how to use this proficiently, the better. I really wish that they would provide us with some training, if they are going to expect us to learn how to use new software, but from the way it sounds, there isn’t really anyone in the company that has experience with this software.

Rather, the reason the company purchased a license for it, and decided to make some of its engineers learn to use it, is because someone higher up in the company viewed a demo for it, and decided that the software capabilities made it worthwhile to invest in and use for the company. I agree with that, because it does seem to be a pretty powerful software suite for modeling and structural design. But at the same time, I am kind of frustrate with having to learn how to use software I am currently unfamiliar with.

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